Found Workbook

Found is a program that uses psychological assessments, online
community, and science-backed tools to help you discover what’s important to you.
We've gathered the most recent and validated research in topics such as identity, values, and goal setting
and have put it in a beautifully designed workbook. This is a book you’ll want to hold on to.

Found Workbook



Chapter 1: Who Am I?

There are many factors that come together to form your Identity. In this chapter, we'll start breaking down ways to flush out your mental picture of who you are, aka your self-concept.

Chapter 2: What Matters To Me?

After being able to better claim “this is who I am,” we continue our growth by being able to state “and this is what I stand for.” Values help us anchor ourselves within the raging-sea of social expectation.

Chapter 3: What Do I Want?

Setting and sticking to goals is a great challenge for the majority of people. Here, we'll give you the tools to separate the noise from your true, actionable goals.


+ What makes this content legit?

Science! Science and research involve an ongoing process of learning - scientists test, prove, and disprove ideas over and over again to find some strands of truth in them. At Found, we strive to engage with and learn from “ideas that have been established over multiple decades and reinforced by multiple approaches.” All the tools and frameworks we share with you on this path have been used in recent scientific and academic settings. The information, activities, and strategies you will encounter have been previously tested, as much as possible, with large sample sizes. That said, as amazing as science is, it “doesn’t offer perfect truth, only the best available truth."

+ Do I need to participate in the online community?

We highly encourage it. The online portion is what makes this program unique and valuable. Do your best to share when you feel comfortable.

+ What type of content is in the workbook?

Expect to do self-assessments, a little reading, some short written exercises, and post/comment in the Found online Slack community.

+ Why a print workbook?

There is too much digital noise out there. We believe good content is worth sitting down for, and engaging with, on multiple levels.